» NBA Absence for Some Top Players in 2016

NBA Absence for Some Top Players in 2016

A few days ago, when NBA star O’Neill ‘s visit to Shenzhen left saying, “well, NBA games this season will be canceled. “A prophecy last week 3 days of Marathon bargaining again to collapse. Lockout continues, when can the game is far from recovery unknown. Fans disappointed, and numerous players, including NBA stars have already begun to fend for.

Players can have a new owner, but the NBA only this precipitate years of signs. Fans at loss, loss of Star, shut down damage to the NBA is difficult to estimate.After the NBA lockout, most sad day is blue collar at the bottom of the players. Salary is not high, coupled with the appeal and no stars as sponsors, can only sit at home suffering waiting for the restart of the League. By contrast, already worth huge star players are a lot busier, commercial activities were overwhelmed and no NBA game since the group games, can easily earn big bucks.

It is reported that more than more than 10 stars has completed a plan for the two-week exhibition tour. This two-week competition is cancelled during the first two weeks of the regular season, a total of 6 games. Involved in almost all of the players is NBA hot shot, confirmed participants including Kobe Bryant, James, Wade, such as rose, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Chris Bosh. In addition, some players such as Kevin Garnett and Kevin Durant are expected to join the tour.

This series of races will start on October 30, and ended on November 9. Current destinations include Puerto Rico, London, Macau and Australia, each participating players will receive hundreds of thousands of us $ 1 million reward. If success, this tournament will also be the maximum lockout period player races in the history of the League. In addition, like Iverson, players such as Beasley are planning to hold various competitions during the suspension period.

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