» NBA Sports Player Kobe’s career is about to end in 2016

NBA Sports Player Kobe’s career is about to end in 2016

The star of Lakers, Kobe’s career is coming to an end. Two days later the NBA regular season final round will be legendary star Kobe Bryant of the curtain call, the world in a myriad of basketball fans are watching the game. The famous CCTV commentator, NBL coach Howard Nan, specially to their team members have a half day holiday, so that they can watch the game.Looking back on the world’s farewell concert, Kobe admits that he doesn’t need the ceremony if the Lakers can win. There is such a moment, Kobe is still thinking about yourself in a competitive team. “Listen, I believe this: if in a better team, I can play better. Physically, I know I can do more. I can find the rhythm and balance. But through three major injuries, and finally to restore health, which means a lot to me.” Over the past two seasons, the Lakers record low record of innovation. Kobe Bryant in an interview acknowledged that if the Lakers still is a title of the strength of the team, he vowed this season, the situation will be completely different, and this is clearly very consistent with the his character.

“Farewell performance and standing up to pay tribute will not appear here.” Kobe said, “we’re going to be in the fierce competition. This season, I can look around and say thank you. If our team is fighting for the championship, I will not be allowed to say goodbye to the show. There will be only one goal in our mind, and that is to win the championship.” Unfortunately, at the end of his career, Kobe Bryant and the Lakers already does not have the title strength and Kobe is early announced he would retire at the end of the season. “In the end, it’s not hard to accept. I can accept the reality and move on.” He said.

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