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Allen Iverson – The Answer- The Lonely Hero of NBA Sports Player

In the 2000-2001, the 76ers won the NBA championship while the last championship is dozens of years ago. Allen Iverson lead the team to playoffs from good statastics of regular season. In the semi-final games, Iverson’s team met the Raptors lead by Carter and beat the Raptors with even score difference. In the final play, they met the Lakers which were lead by Oneal and Kobe.  In the same year, Iverson won the MVP, Cheap NBA Jerseys and was titled the king of scores.

There are so many fans of Ivenson, who is only 6 inches tall, shorter than the average of NBA players. He played as a backfielder of the 76ers, while he can always get the highest score among team members who can also usually get ball from Iverson via his steals and assists.

From 2002-2006, the 76ers played without outstanding performance although Iverson still get the highest average scores among the NBA teams players. The 76ers couldnt get into the playoffs.

Later on, Iverson enrolled to Nuggets, Pistons, and Grizzlies. And he also visit and played in European basketball club in Turkey. Lastly he came in NBA Wholesale Jerseys back to the 76ers in Philladelphia and announced his retirement decision in 2013.

Looking back of Iverson’s career, we know his efforts and performance which are equal to his achievement. He gains, he pains with standing alone always with teamwork as priority. A hero in my heart comes out to distract his spirit and to express to public. He is the soul of the 76ers, while also a soulmate of me as a fan of Iverson. The answer, the A.I.,I am here always for you.