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Houston Rockets NBA Team – The Near Past and Future

Before Yao Ming’s coming, there’re Olajuwon and Moses Malone where the team they stayed are traditional for the center’s role-orientated. Olajuwon was the most memorable player of Houston Rockets, as a big figure of the team he stayed and played for.

We cant forget to mention Rudy Tomjanovich, who spent all his playing career with the Rockets, and after becoming the team’s head coach in 1992 led Houston to two straight championships. We are like to repect him as a main role like a father managing the whole team.  During Clutch City championships, Olajuwon won MVP and Defensive Player of the Year. Acompanied with “Big Three” of Olajuwon of Cheap NBA Jerseys Wholesale, Drexler, and Barkley led the Rockets to playoff finals during Post-Championship and rebuilding period.

The Yaos’ era came in 2002, after while the Tracy Mcgrady arrived to cooperate and started the Yao&Mcgrady era.While each western coference met with Dallas Mavericks, they lose the whole game although lead with 2-0. The latter years of that time was plagued with injury, either on Yao or Mcgrady of Buy Cheap NBA Jerseys, which cant push the team to a good performing on playoffs or even regular season.

As to Harden era, it began in 2012, after and NBA draft and  the team’s trade with Oklahoma City Thunder. The Rockets get Harden who played a good role into starting linup. We would continue to say more about James Harden and Houston Rockets later on.