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The Relation of NBA Players to CBA China

Since Stephon Marbury came to CBA in Beijing Shougang several years ago. Marbuy attracted more fans as it used to be in NBA, while some of them before life-long fans of pursuing of Cheap NBA Jerseys China.

Another big people that presented on CBA is Tracy Mcgrady from NBA Houston Rockets, with his No.1 jersey number. He was playing for Qingdao Shuangxing, although the performance is not so good as expected from Tmac fans who are really concern of his career in CBA. Since Tmac’s age, he was no longer so powerful, energetic and agressive. Most of that time he passed the basketball to teammates, while his shooting is always playing a good role and he get some assist from the other players of his team.

As time goes, the gap between CBA and NBA is now narrowing on sports, cluture, etc. So more and more NBA players who are not so satisfied on their gettings on NBA games come to China for CBA games. Also, besides Yao Ming of Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, Wang Zhizhi, Ba Teer, there would be some more people apply to NBA ways of careers.